Respect an Engineer!

You know I have respect for someone who has made something for themselves without going to college. But the problem is, those people sometimes don’t have respect back to to those of us who are college educated. College is definately not for everyone and I would go so far as to say that well over 50% of the people who attend college ended up dropping out or not doing anything with their degree. I agree that college was a waste for them. But it was not a waste for me. I busted my ass going through college and attaining one of the hardest degree programs in existance (actually 2 degrees and a minor lol). As a result I have a skill that 99.999% of the world does not have. The byproduct of which is used by almost everybody every single day. The things you take for granted. Things that runs off electricity that can be programmed to make your life easier. Phones, tablets, cars, tvs, laptops, drones, ohh the list goes on. Finite state machines that are nothing more than an amalgamation of electronic circuits that run software. All made possible by college educated people like me. You are all welcome for the hard work we put into this stuff. Now please show us some respect!!


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