March for Our Guns!!

I guess there is another march against guns today. Yet another waste of time on the part of thousands of ignorant kids being pushed into thinking they are doing something good by evil leftists who have an agenda. All while being protected by hundreds of police officers armed with guns, including that evil AR-47 assault rifle that shoots 500 automatic bullets per second (sarcasm added intentionally). These cops could be doing better things, like taking illegal guns off the streets! Guess last weeks march wasn’t enough. Good thing its a Saturday and there are no law makers at work. Anyway, back in reality where people like us don’t march for stupid reasons. Let us use this day to show the world how tens of millions of guns are owned and operated by good people. It is a beautiful day…so march your ass outside with some guns and do some shooting. Take some pics and videos and tag em all #MarchForOurGuns


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