Dating Tips for The Ladies (and Men) are some tips to avoid dating idiots and actually finding a good man.

1. Don’t sleep with a guy on the first date. Nor the 2nd, 3rd, 4th..hell hold off for a while. Good guys will hold off with you..f*ck boys will move on.

2. Stop judging solely by physical appearance and get to know the guy. Sure he may not be your “ideal” guy and be as tall, be as skinny, wear certain clothes, have a beard, or covered in tats..but he may turn out be the best damn man you will ever meet and will treat you like gold.

3. Try some respect. A man will respect you, your family, and your friends. But you need to respect him back. If a guy doesn’t hold the door for you or shake your daddy’s hand…he’s no good.

4. Where does he place you? If a guy doesn’t make you a priority, especially when you first meet him, move on. But it does go both ways.

5. And finally. Stop waiting for a good guy to just appear out of nowhere. The cliche is that men should approach women first. But society has changed and the ball is generally in the court of the women. Good men don’t put themselves out there as much because we are used to failing to women choosing idiots over us. But we will give our best to someone that appreciates us and we do require patience. So take a chance, follow these tips, and you will meet a man that will devote himself to you for as long as he lives.


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