It’s a Family Problem

I grew up going to church and believing in the word of God. I got my ass beat if I mouthed off. I got grounded for the minor things, and by grounded I mean the things I enjoyed were taken away for a long time. I knew my place as a child and dared not speak a word without being spoken to first, especially outside of the house. I wasn’t given a participation trophy if I failed in something. My parents didn’t feel sorry for me and demand that someone change the rules. My high school principal grabbed me by the collar and literally dragged me to his office if I screwed off (and it happened many times!). I turned out to be a normal functional person because society didn’t dictate the punishment for my actions. It made me a better person. So if you sit there scratching your head wondering why someone would go and kill innocent people, look no further than the drastic change in our society. We have become so soft, so politically correct. We drug up children for all kinds of “disorders”, when their main problem stems from lack of discipline. Family values have went down the tubes and God is forgotten. Want to fix the problem? A change in our society and ways of life is needed.


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