Feel Good Laws Do Nothing

So now the magic “solution” to fixing the “gun problem” is to raise the minimum age for purchasing any firearm. Yes because years of raising the age to purchase alcohol and tobacco worked out really well. Go to any college party on a Friday night and most of the people are under 21 and plowing down beers left and right. Most mass shooters were either over 21 or acquired their weapons from someone else. And in “gun free” Chicago, you can be any age to acquire a pistol off the streets and go shoot a rival gang member. The hypocrisy of all this just kills me. Like I l know I am intelligent, but are these people that f*cking stupid? To build a career in politics you would think intelligence would be a factor, apparently not. But see its all for show. They will “bipartisanly” pass this new age restriction law, then clap and celebrate that they did something. Pelosi and Schumers ugly mugs will go on TV pretending to be heros. Then when some God hating, psychotropic drugged up, broken family raised nut job goes and shoots up another school, they will demand more laws..more! They will take survivors and parents and put them up on a pedestal and try their feel good tactics to pass even more worthless laws. All while ignoring the real problems with this country, most of which they caused in the first place!


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