Join The NRA and Buy a Gun!

All the snowflake high school kids can walk out of school in protest, CNN can have all the one sided town halls they want, and the media and idiot celebs can trash talk the NRA and their members day in and day out. But guess what?!?! Enrollment in the NRA has skyrocketed. Their website went to its knees due to people going on to join. Oh and gun sales are also increasing. Gun shows have seen record turnouts. So, you can listen to the talking heads all you want, but America has clearly spoken, yet again, on this matter. They will not silence us. So join the NRA, and spend some of that tax return on a nice gun. It is the true American thing to do.

Feel Good Laws Do Nothing

So now the magic “solution” to fixing the “gun problem” is to raise the minimum age for purchasing any firearm. Yes because years of raising the age to purchase alcohol and tobacco worked out really well. Go to any college party on a Friday night and most of the people are under 21 and plowing down beers left and right. Most mass shooters were either over 21 or acquired their weapons from someone else. And in “gun free” Chicago, you can be any age to acquire a pistol off the streets and go shoot a rival gang member. The hypocrisy of all this just kills me. Like I l know I am intelligent, but are these people that f*cking stupid? To build a career in politics you would think intelligence would be a factor, apparently not. But see its all for show. They will “bipartisanly” pass this new age restriction law, then clap and celebrate that they did something. Pelosi and Schumers ugly mugs will go on TV pretending to be heros. Then when some God hating, psychotropic drugged up, broken family raised nut job goes and shoots up another school, they will demand more laws..more! They will take survivors and parents and put them up on a pedestal and try their feel good tactics to pass even more worthless laws. All while ignoring the real problems with this country, most of which they caused in the first place!

Ignorance is Bliss

I had the opportunity to educate a co-worker on firearms today. He is your typical middle class baby boomer who comes from a suburban setting. He has had no exposure to firearms his whole life. He watches mainstream media and listens to politicians, so everything he knows about the AR-15 is from people who actually know very little about firearms. I pointed out some basic facts for him, all backed by actual sources. I explained to him that the AR-15 is simply another semi-automatic rifle no different than the hundreds of other makes and models sold on the market. That when compared side-by-side to a “non-scary looking” Ruger Mini-14 that he has never heard of, the two are almost functionally identical, just look different. That ARs are mainly target and small game guns and that they are seldom used by big game hunters. That the military does indeed use a very close version of the rifle, but also use many other guns that are comparable in the civilian market and are much deadlier, yet no one wants them banned. That most of the “scary features” are simply cosmetic in nature. That this particular rifle is easily identified because Hollywood and the media glorify it. And that pistols are actually the leader in gun deaths by 100 fold, yet never no mention of them because the victims are from forgotten inner cities where guns are banned and crime is out of control (oh and run by same people that want more gun control). I kept going with facts. This person was amazed by the information I presented to him. The media pushes a narrative because it stirs an emotional response and gets them ratings. Politicians use their agenda of “gun control” simply for votes. I say to those that listen to the media and think gun control may be the answer, please go out and do your own research. I will gladly have a debate with you if you are still on the fence. Don’t be swayed by bias. I guarantee you will think different. Unless of course you are truly liberal. In that case there is no changing your mind.

It’s a Family Problem

I grew up going to church and believing in the word of God. I got my ass beat if I mouthed off. I got grounded for the minor things, and by grounded I mean the things I enjoyed were taken away for a long time. I knew my place as a child and dared not speak a word without being spoken to first, especially outside of the house. I wasn’t given a participation trophy if I failed in something. My parents didn’t feel sorry for me and demand that someone change the rules. My high school principal grabbed me by the collar and literally dragged me to his office if I screwed off (and it happened many times!). I turned out to be a normal functional person because society didn’t dictate the punishment for my actions. It made me a better person. So if you sit there scratching your head wondering why someone would go and kill innocent people, look no further than the drastic change in our society. We have become so soft, so politically correct. We drug up children for all kinds of “disorders”, when their main problem stems from lack of discipline. Family values have went down the tubes and God is forgotten. Want to fix the problem? A change in our society and ways of life is needed.