As a single man seeking a female partner, I feel the vibe of this post. Modern feminism has destroyed almost all aspects of traditional human bonding. An individual such as myself is considered “old fashion” in my values. I believe in a patriarchal family and society. I believe that a man is to lead his family and country. I believe that women have the right to be independent, but also have the strength of raising children as a role in the family. The title of this post is a little misleading. The author is simply stating that the west needs to go back to being a patriarchal society and rid the disease of feminism and government influence in our lives.


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There is a meme circulating which is partly in jest and partly meant to illustrate a truth about the state of relations between men and women in the West – the White Sharia meme. It is meant to imply that perhaps men of the West need to create their own version of Sharia law to forcibly reestablish traditional gender roles for men and women to save civilization. It is meant to be provocative and offensive to highlight the truth that our society is coming apart like a frayed fabric.

Third wave intersectional feminism has destroyed the role of men and women in our society. Men are no longer expected to be strong, leading figures who support the home financially, are stable, employed, intelligent and are willing to fight for their society. The Left has replaced them with the State. Without men occupying that role, women cannot find theirs (and vice-versa). We are in a downward spiral – a double helix of narcissism and nihilism.

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While both men and women have become profoundly deranged versions of the Classical Ideals, Antifa Girl, who was recently punched in the face in Berkeley, brought the decline of women into the spotlight. It is more and more apparent every day that the women of the West have lost their way. They have managed to divorce themselves from their nature. They have divorced themselves from:

  • child-rearing due to the use of day care centers
  • marriage due to focusing solely on careers
  • domestic chores due to cheap illegal alien labor
  • home-made clothes due to cheap foreign clothing
  • home cooking with take-out food
  • femininity with feminism
  • meaningful procreative sex with casual sex for purely pleasure
  • rigorous mate selection due to the State providing welfare for single mothers. 

Furthermore, acting as a demographic voting block, they vote for the enlargement of the State as a substitute for marriage and fatherhood, vote for politicians that want to destroy the primal need of territorial borders (the sovereign nation), and vote to import unassimilable 7th century desert moon-cult worshiping rapists and low IQ African migrants into the West. The results have been predictably disastrous. Third wave feminism, combined with suffrage and a rejection of female nature, are civilization-killers.

Women have gone from being the foundation of the human race in their ability to produce children and a family to eroding the foundation of civilization. Their behavior has become destructive, negative, and malignant.

  • Women engage in promiscuous sex with men who are not good candidates for marriage or stable families.

  • Women destroy the simple, natural beauty of their form and appear more Harpy-like than a vision of Aphrodite.

  • Women form bonds with pets that normally would be formed with men or their children, hence the meme of the cat lady.

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  • Women take the aggression they would normally use for the defense of their children and families, and direct it to counterproductive, antisocial ends.

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  • They ridicule, mock, and debase themselves and their natural procreative abilities.

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  • Instead of having children themselves, they fetishize children into mere accessories to virtue-signal their goodness, which would normally be done by showing how well they raised their own children.

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  • Instead of having children and learning to be good mothers, they go to college where they are indoctrinated by their Marxist professors into feminism and postmodernism. They graduate having lost years of child-rearing, ignorant of domestic skills, and emerge functionally insane and useless to society.

And yet, as women erode the culture and distance themselves from their traditional role, they still have natural urges and inclinations that come out in odd, unnatural, perverse ways of which they appear to be unaware.

For all that Western Women say about wanting to be strong and independent (of a man, not of the State), they are trying on hijabs – symbols of submission. Think about that. They are actually wearing clothing that symbolizes submission to a male dominant theology. And in doing so, they are experiencing a bond with other women – a bond which used to be made through shared child-birth, child-rearing, the weaving and sewing of clothing for their family, and the home education of their children. Their conscious mind thinks that they are virtue-signalling their acceptance of women of another culture, but they are actually recreating their traditional role in a traditional society, albeit a horrible, perverse and abusive one.

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Although some cultures in the West offer women modesty and scarves to cover their hair, women are turning away from the feminized West to the unfeminized and brutal culture of the Middle East.

Women have a powerful genetic drive to nurture. Lacking children, they turn that drive to nurture towards caring for strange, foreign, grown men that they convince themselves are needy, helpless, and need their protection, like infants. The desire of Women in the West to nurture needs to be guided back to health.

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Would these three young women be out with that sign if they had several children at home they wanted to care for? If they had food to prepare? If they had animals to tend? If their husband was strong and virile? If motherhood was a vaunted virtue still in our culture?

Women instinctively want strong, virile, dominant men, and because Western Men have been feminized, they subconsciously meet this need by importing men from primitive, traditional cultures where masculinity is still important. Their needs are being met by allowing a hostile invading army of military age men who are repelled by feminism, happily subjugate and humiliate their women, and seek to replace our weakened culture with their own. Feminism has sowed the seeds of our destruction.

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The result of this hapless confusion and misapplication of their natural drives has been thousands of instances of violence, rape, and murder of women in Europe by these enemy-grants, which has been covered up by the Marxist media. Women have become a danger to themselves and to society.

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The Cultural Marxists have destroyed the family, the core unit of society, through their “child free”propaganda and their arguments about “overpopulation”, to convince men and women not to form families and live traditional gender roles. In destroying the family, they are destroying civilization.

Image result for childless propaganda

Image result for childless propaganda

Governments that have been nationalist in the past have actively promoted family life, childbirth, and child-rearing. This poster is from Germany in the First World War. Note the church spire in the background, and the man tilling the earth.

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The Alt-Right understands that nationalism and traditional gender roles are necessary to save Western Civilization from the Cultural Marxism corroding its foundations. While the strict enforcement implied in the White Sharia meme is not necessary, the Ideals of male and female virtue need to be reestablished and promoted. The Alt-Right is stepping in to provide this.

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What is the cure for the Western Woman (and Man)? What will defeat third wave intersectional feminism? How can men find their way again without traditional Western European Christianity and traditional masculinity?

Orthodox Christian Jesus shows us the way, but even Christianity has been weakened and made nearly irrelevant by Cultural Marxism. All Christian holy days are being secularized and made into secular, consumer “holidays”. The stripping of traditional religion and traditional ideals from the West is nearly complete, and it shows in our decline.

Does our society have to re-learn the basics of civilization through the severe hardship of Societal Collapse where a stable family could mean the difference between life and death for all members?

A new series of multiple Civil Wars occurring in nations throughout the West, including the United States, might be the best thing for civilization, to purge the rot of Cultural Marxism with a cleansing fire. As we can see from the images from Berkeley, men turn to Classical ideals of strength when fighting for the preservation of their culture and way of life. There are no other options left other than conflict.


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