Just Like The Rest

By: TheDJTek

I am pretty convinced at this point that President Trump is turning out to be just like the previous President’s we have had the last 100 years. Here is a guy that campaigned on getting out of the ongoing wars and entangling alliances that have been bankrupting us for years. He challenged pretty much every other Republican candidate that wanted to continue our occupations, and of course Hillary Clinton and her desire for World War 3. Trump made it seem like he wanted lasting peace with Russia, something that now will probably never happen after Thursday’s events. Trump’s desire to pull us out of all of these wars was actually one of the [very few] things I did like about him. But to be honest, I am not surprised the least as to Trumps actions, he had no choice.

The deep state, as it is called, has been running the show for some while now. I can’t put my finger on when these people took over, but their power has increased in the last 100 years. They are elitist and represent the .01% of the world. They have the money and control most of the major corporations that we depend on every day. They are established within governments by their power of manipulating people by money. They have been challenged by some in government, most notable being JFK, and we see how that ended for him. The individuals that run the deep state are responsible for the formation of the Federal Reserve, CIA, NSA, and pretty much every other government entity that benefits their cause. They are responsible for getting us involved in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Cold War, and every war/conflict to this day. They drive the ongoing conflicts throughout the world, never to send any of their own sons or daughters to die in them. They are behind the shredding of the Constitution by forcing the government to pass laws such as the patriot act and NDAA. They control pretty much everything around us one way or another.

Why would this deep state entity want ongoing wars? There are many reasons, each of which could take up a whole article. I believe the biggest reason is to deter the American people from seeing the damage they have truly caused abroad. War has always been a good means of distracting people. People get patriotic, buy American flags, shout “USA USA USA” and support whatever actions the President takes in the name of world peace. Meanwhile, our heads are turned away from the massive economic bubble that is about to burst. Millions of people are defaulting on student loans, auto loans, and mortgages. The average person has about $1,000 in savings and even less in retirement. The total credit debt racked up is toppling 1 trillion dollars. People are borrowing money at an alarming rates, generally for things that have no value. People are simply not paying on their credit card debt because they can’t afford to live. The real estate market is seeing an increase in houses that just aren’t selling for the price that the owners think they are worth (thanks to the initial 2008 bubble). The job market numbers are fluffed to convince us that there is job growth, when in fact there hasn’t been true job growth in over a decade. The stock market has become an illusion to get the little guy believing that the economy is doing well. The deep state control the markets and 99.9% of the money in it. They do not care about your 401(k) and IRA accounts. Our population is increasing, people that should not be having kids are having them, while those that should be are holding back. The poor that are having kids simply depend on the government to support them, while successful couples are having less due to growing costs, since they pay out of pocket to raise their children. This dilemma is causing a shift in the social class, and the government is fitting the bill. The “entitlement” bubble is only beginning, especially since thousands of baby boomers are retiring every day and expect their social security payment promptly. I could go on, but I think by now you can see that we are in some deep trouble. War is the answer, but there will be no real solution. When the American people wake up someday and realize any savings they have are worthless because the economy has tanked, they won’t be so patriotic.

I think Trump truly believed in his message when he was running for President. But the day he was sworn into office he was brought into a room and was told exactly how things were going to be, or else. This sounds like a crazy theory, but when you think about how powerful the elite are, it all makes sense. Trump has been in office almost 100 days and he hasn’t brought one soldier home or closed one foreign base. Now it seems we will only be increasing our presence in Syria and inevitably fighting in another useless conflict. I see Russia not backing down from this, which only means the igniting of another cold war. Some are predicting World War 3, which is a very good possibility. Regardless, the issues that we will be facing in the coming years are going to be life changing for a lot of people. We can thank the deep state along with all of the past presidents, congressman, senators, and now President Trump.


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