My Generation, Part 2

By: TheDJTek

In Part 1 of this blog I wrote about the values that my generation left behind from previous generations. I narrowed down on how the decay of morals and family structure has made a mess of my generation. The things we found normal many years ago are now considered old fashion and draconian. I also summed up the problem with the men and women of my generation. All of this stems from progressive ideology that has been handed down from our education system, filling our television shows, embraced by the mainstream media, and now accepted as common place. I will now focus on three more items that have plagued my generation – work ethic, government dependence, and technology.

Work Ethic: I could simply state that my generation is filled with lazy people who have no desire to work and end it right there. But I want to dig deeper into why this lack of work ethic has come about. To begin we need to go back to a time when America was at the peak of its industrial revolution, circa 1900’s. There also happen to be an immigration boom that brought in people that were eager to become Americanized (an article will follow on immigration then vs. now). Men woke up at the same time every morning, grabbed a packed lunch (made by their wife), and went to the factory to work. They had a very strict schedule and left when the whistle went off at 5. They worked not because they wanted to, or because they actually liked what they did, but rather because they had to support their family. They had a small suburban house and a Ford to pay for. This was a time when there were no credit cards, high rate mortgages, or even car payments. Food was relatively inexpensive and the cost of living was low. A lot has changed since then. Things started to change with the baby boomer generation. The beginning of McMansions, overpriced cars, high taxes, and cost of living expenses growing by the year, all came about during the boom of the baby boomers. The higher expenses warranted the need for jobs that paid much more than the ones their grandfathers used to work. Baby boomers also were the first to see health care and pension plans in their line of work. It just so happens that this was a period when unions started becoming much more powerful coincidentally (another article for another day). The children of the baby boomers were given a life of luxury compared to that of their parents. Most teenagers were given their first car at 16 and didn’t have to work in high school. I grew up around many kids like this. Everything was handed to them by their parents. This pampering has created a situation whereby these people as they grew into adults expected to land a high paying job so that they could continue their life of luxury. A 23 year old graduating college expected a high paying job to buy a brand new car and big house. But reality tends to bite pretty hard and that same individual not only got a job that pays far less than what he thought he was going to make, but is also stuck with student loan debt, a clunker for a car, and living in his parents basement. This world view by the Millennials has turned them into the “gimme generation”. They refuse to work a job that does not pay to their expectations, or demands that the government get involved and regulate their pay. They feel that they deserve more and more. The concept of working hard and trying hard to land the job they desire is a fallacy to them. I feel for the generation following as they are even worse off than us. If you feel you deserve a high paying job because you have some fancy degree, think again. You need to take what you can get and work your way to the top. You need to live within your means until you can start affording the luxuries in life.

Government Dependence: Above I mentioned how many Millennials feel that the government should be involved in regulating how much they get paid. It turns out these kind of people truly believe that the government can do everything for them. They think they their student loans should be nullified and that the government should pay for college. Basically to them the government is much like their parents when they were teens. They had no self-responsibility and expected someone else to do things for them. The truth is, the government is the reason why 90% of the problems they have exist in the first place. The education system, controlled by the government, has taught them that they shouldn’t have to suffer and that someone will always be there to help them. The government created the student loan bubble, which colleges took advantage of, therefore driving up the cost of education dramatically. The government regulated the health industry and insurance, therefore dramatically increasing the cost of a simple doctor visit. Government run mortgage companies following government regulations created the housing bubble, which ultimately caused the cost of living to skyrocket. Government and its EPA, along with trade agreements, has caused the price of automobiles to increase 500% in 20 years. The list goes on. Perhaps it is time to stop embracing people like Bernie Sanders, who do nothing but make promises that sound good on paper, but do not work. I believe in the fact that everyone is responsible for their own life and actions they take. Stop expecting the government to be there like mommy and daddy were when you were a child. You are an adult and it is time to act like one. The government will not help you in the long run, so be careful what you wish for.

Technology: I will finish off this article on how technology has shaped my generation, in most cases for disaster. I fall victim to this over any of the other shortcomings we have. I went to school as a Computer Engineer and work in the field now for 12 years. I love what I do and would not trade for anything else (as a career that is). Through college and early in my career I became a typical Millennial and became dependent on technology. I lost focus on the fact that technology can easily fail, especially since I work in the cyber security field and know it to be so. I went through life always depending on technology, so much that I lost the concept of what to do if something were to happen. I had no prepper skills, and no real skills in surviving in a world where technology is not present. I am not necessarily the gloom and doom type of person, but I think essential skills that humans have always possessed should not be forgotten because technology has made our lives so much easier. Fast forward to the present and I have adapted many skills that do not involve technology. I feel confident that I could survive in a world where technology become extinct. It took a lot of work to get to this point. Unfortunately, most people from my generation are very dependent on technology. This dependence has created a world where “common sense” is becoming scarce. This dependence isn’t necessarily all the fault of the person, but equally corporations and of course the government. Take cars as an example. For many years cars were easy to work on, so much so that people generally did their own maintenance. Now corporations are making cars so packed with technology that they are impossible to work on. Other “common sense” things such as writing a check, paying with cash, fixing household items, and even cooking a meal, are slowly going away because of technology. As more technology becomes available, which makes life easier and convenient, is also making people dumber. I look at the generation following me as they grow up being shaped by technology. Toddlers are using tablets and pre-teens have smart phones. Technology is great for learning, but unfortunately these children are not being influenced that way. Instead they are growing to be dependent on these devices. Their day to day lives are constantly spent on them. Their social skills are severely impacted in the process. I cannot say what these kids will be like in 10-15 years, but I fear much worse than their parents are. Technology is a great thing, but any form of dependence on it should be eliminated. Start learning new skills that do not involve technology. Learn to be able to survive if something were to happen. Technology is very volatile and can become irrelevant very easily.

I could go on with a list of values lost and things that have affected my generation for the worse, but then I would need to contact a publisher since it would easily be a book. I think I touched on the major things, at least the ones that I view as important. I have always said that I am in the wrong generation. My values do not align with that of today. I know there are others out there like me and that more and more are waking up to the fact that we are not infallible. So if your grandparents are still around, sit them down and talk to them. Learn their way of life. They won’t be on this earth much longer so take in everything you can and follow their legacy. They come from a generation that could teach us some things.

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