Bye Bye Snapchat

By: TheDJTek

I recently deactivated my Snapchat account for various different reasons. I have found less people have been using the service in lieu of Facebook and Instagram offering similar features. I also found that I do not snap as much as your average teenager. I mainly used the service to chat with others, but again, Facebook and Instagram offer similar features, which I may add are far superior. There is one more reason why I decided to delete Snapchat and that is to do with their progressive agenda in shoving things down their user’s throat.

The last thing I saw on Snapchat was a story in the ‘Featured Stories’ section titled “Transgender & Proud”. You can imagine that this story had a compilation of so called transgender people. In the past I have seen other featured stories such as “Black History Month”, “Women’s History Month”, and of course “Gay and Proud”. As a Libertarian that believes in liberty and freedom above all, I can care less if someone is transgender, homosexual, or anything else for that matter. My motto is, it is your life you can live it the way you want. But I should not have the lifestyle of others shoved down my throat, especially since I am a straight white male. You will not see featured stories of people who are proud to be straight, or proud to be white, or even proud to be a man. People like me are the epitome of political incorrectness and have no right to be proud of anything. To them, those of us who do not accept the lifestyle of others are bigots, racists, misogynists, homophones, … ,[insert phobia here]. Maybe we just choose that we do not want to see nor care what other people do with their lives. It is my right to choose how I live my life is it not? Folks like me choose not to want to see how others live their lifestyles when we are out in public, when we turn on the TV, or use a piece of software like Snapchat. And so what if some people do not accept how others live. It is not like they are trying to tell them how they should be living their life. Everyone is different and not everyone will agree or get along, so perhaps it is time to simply accept the facts.

I have being doing away with places, people, and services that attempt to shove things down my throat that I do not accept or care to see. My way of life is apparently not accepted by those that consider me a bigot, so why should I be forced to accept theirs? How about we leave each other alone. Oh, and Snapchat, and any other service that attempts to shove stuff down their user’s throat, how about laying off the ideologies. Then again, Snapchat has some bigger issues ahead of it as Facebook and Instagram continue to take it over, perhaps their ideologies will be straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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