My Generation, Part I

By: TheDJTek

I have a deep passion for the subject of history, especially American history. I enjoy history not because I want to become an ideologue or subject matter expert, but instead because I simply enjoy learning about how humans have evolved over time. History is generally taught in academia as a timeline of human progress and lessons learned. We are told that we have evolved to be more sophisticated than the generation before us. While indeed we have become much more civilized, there are many traits we have lost to history. Many of these traits have become history simply because there are those that feel it has hampered our progress, even though they were morally sufficient and produced a normal society.

I am considered a “Millennial” by name only. I refuse to accept that title because there are certain traits that I refuse to give up in the name of political correctness. I have always said that I belong in the 18th century as far as my values and morals are concerned. That does not mean that I believe in a world where slavery is acceptable, or where technology is non-existent. Again, I believe we do advance through history, learn our lessons, and progress as humans. But in my studies of early American culture I can’t help but wonder why we left some of the good values behind. To make it easier to see where I am going with this, I will simply list some of the values that, if kept, would be good for us today. I will also explain the outcome of not possessing these values on generations such as mine and the generations that are to follow.

Family: The modern family has been ripped, torn, and stomped apart by political correctness. 19th century families were considered whole in nature. There was a father, mother, and children all living under one roof. The father and mother were married before even thinking of baring a child. The parents stayed married until death and worked out their differences. Their most important goal in life was to raise their children to be better off than they were growing up. There was dinner on the table every night and quality time was spent with the children. Outside influence by the government did not exist. Today we find broken families, single mothers raising children, fathers paying half their earnings because of court orders, and children being torn in custody battles. Children live in households where the siblings may have a different father or mother. Even families where both parents live together may be living off of government assistance. The modern family is poisoning the next generation of children. Children are growing up with no father figure or the lack of a mother. This instills a mental scar on children and can hinder their development into adulthood.

Men: I have tremendous respect for my grandfathers and my father. I look up to them because they are true role models for what I wanted to be. They are men in every sense of the word. They lived their life working hard, not for their own good, but for the good of their family. When down and being kicked, they got up swinging. I look at “men” from my generation and I do not see the strength and stamina that make a man, a man. I include myself in the mix as I am not married and have no children, so I do not see myself as strong of a man as I should be. But having children doesn’t necessarily make a man. There are many deadbeat fathers out there. How the modern man treats a woman is one area that defines his character. I feel that women are to be respected by men. Yet looking around you see constant heartbreak of women due to mistreatment from men. I am not bashing all men, there are some good ones out there. But a lot of men use women as an object and it has led the charge of the women’s independent movement of men altogether, which may seem all well, but creates a hole in the family structure as will be explained below.

Women: First let me start out by saying that I am not advocating that women should all be stay at home moms and not have independence to become what they choose. Furthermore, I am not saying that women should not have the same rights as men. But comparing the millennial generation of women to those before them brings about a lot of noticeable changes. Younger women are being taught that they are seen as inferior to men and should constantly strive to become better. This teaching has come down from the politically correct education system and has created a real mess of our society. There has always been a natural divide between the genders. For example, a man is physically stronger, therefore men fight wars and build things. But the modern day women is taught that she can do the same and should fight for that right. Women have abilities that men simply can not do. Child bearing is one such ability, as is their relationship to an infant the moment he/she is born. The ability to support a child in the womb for 9 months, give birth, and then nurture it through infancy, is simply an amazing thing. But again, modern women are told that they should be seen as more than just someone that can bear children or cater to a household. This ‘independence’ movement has done nothing but corrupt most women as they continue to strive to be something they should not be. If a woman chooses not to have a family and instead follows a career path, that is perfectly fine. But regardless on how the subject affects someone emotionally, a woman needs a man and a man needs a woman. Modern society has done nothing but push men and women apart and it has ruined the whole concept of the family structure. Even couples that marry nowadays tend not to stay together. The main reason always comes down to independence. Couples eventually believe that being married hinders their individual progress in life. Marriage used to be a bond between two people and they progressed together till death. Nowadays, it is everybody for themselves for the sake of ‘independence’.

Morals: I think the one thing that makes a society normal is having morals. Looking around today it seems that no morals exist. Turn on the TV and violence, sex, and vulgarity are everywhere. People have no respect for one another and will lie, cheat, steal, and even murder for the sake of becoming better than the next person. I cannot put a finger on where we went wrong with our morals, but I have a theory. Throughout humanity we have had periods where humans have lived in peace only to be followed by chaos. I believe that it is a natural thing for humans to want chaos in their lives. We cannot survive without drama, violence, hate, and war. It is in out genetic makeup to want chaos. But I also believe that there is a good inside all of us. But the good in us has to overcome the outside influence of the bad. Looking into history I have found that the swings between moral periods and immoral periods comes down to influence from powerful people, technology, and events. I think someone who has a family and is left to live a peaceful life will tend to be more moral. They will devote themselves to family and friends. The fast paced world we live in has pushed out the inner good of people and brought out the bad. Just walk into a store and hold the door for someone. If they do say “Thank You”, it will be a mere mumble with no eye contact. Pass someone in the aisle and say “Hello”, they will look at you like you have three heads. Complement a woman and you may end up in jail. Befriend someone and find they betrayed you in some way. The list goes on. Believe it or not, human beings have not always been this way. Above I stated that marriages do not last because of the ‘independence’ movement among women and men. Marriages are also affected by immorality as well. A man should never look at another woman like he looks at his wife. Yet both men and women cheat on their significant others with very little consequences. Children adapt to their environments and learn from their parents. The immoral behavior of the previous generations affect the current. I think the fix for immorality is to focus on the next generation and not let them be influenced. Raise children to be educated and to be critical thinkers, mainly to think for themselves. Avoid vulgar TV shows and movies. Teach them at a young age about the power of the 10 Commandments, even if you are not religious. Teach them that the bond of family is very important and that material possessions should not be a major factor in their life. Teach them what normal is by showing them what isn’t normal. We need the next generation to fix the issues that we have caused.

In Part II I will discuss Work Ethic, Government Dependence, and influence of Technology, and how all three have an affect on my generation and where we swayed from previous generations.

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